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Keep up to date with us as we progress through the 2017-2018 Winter Season

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The Winter Season starts in:


Starting at $294*

Snow Blowing

  • Single Car Laneway & Snow Bank: $330+HST
  • Double Car Laneway & Snow Bank: $345+HST
  • Attached Laneway & Snow Bank: $294+HST
  • We use tractor mounted snow blowers to provide you with the safest and quickest snow removal possible.
  • We place markers on your laneway at the end of October
  • Our blowers are equiped with teflon blades to minimize damage to your laneway
  • We cover all snow storms which are greater than 5 cm (as recorded by the Ottawa International Airport).
  • We are fully licensed and insured to remove snow in the City of Ottawa.
  • Our website is ALWAYS up to date throughout each storm, keeping you informed!

  • Please review our Terms and Conditions located at the bottom of the home page.


    Sidewalk Shovelling

  • Reliable snow shovelling of one walk.
  • 24 inch pathway to ensure safe exit from home - additional width available upon request.
  • Up to 30 feet and ten (10) steps.
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    About Us

    We take pride in maintaining your property!

    Thomas Snow Blowing is a local company, owned and operated. We focus all of our efforts into providing the absolute best snow blowing services possible. Our goal is to make life easier for you, our neighbors. We offer services that you actually need, at affordable prices. There are no high pressure sales or inescapable contracts, only attention to details and service you can rely on.

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    Single Drive
    Nov 15-March 31


    • Single Car Width
    • 5cm Snow Start
    • Plowbanks Included

    Double Drive
    Nov 15-March 31


    • Double Car Width
    • 5cm Snow Start
    • Plowbanks Included

    Extend Driveway Service


    • Continue Service
    • Extend coverage from 250cm to 300cm

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